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Explore Fourpeaks!

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Time to get out on the river!

Time to get out on the river!

Fly Fishing Masters
Northeast Regional

took place here on the West Branch of the Ausable last fall. It was a very exciting competition with 40 two-man teams entering and only one emerging victorious.

OLN winners Ernie Pribanic, left, and Steve Bechard, center, pose with Kevin in front of the shop.
OLN finalists Ernie Pribanic, left, and Steve Bechard, center, pose with Kevin in front of the shop.

Newest Posts

Laser projection systems optimize workflow and increase productivity

High tech sports equipment manufacturers are committed to the most modern carbon fiber materials to achieve maximum performance for their innovative products. The precise LAP laser technique helps companies achieve this goal. The best example is the Greek company alchemy, a world-leading manufacturer of high tech diving equipment. Thanks to the LAP CAD-PRO projection system, the company optimizes the production of carbon fiber diving fins in a decisive way. In this way LAP wins a user of the sport and leisure industry for its successful laser projection system, the cutting-edge production tool for the industrial manufacture of compounds.

The CAD-PRO laser projection system makes stacking processes easy and safe

The popular dive fins for freediving and underwater fishing by the manufacturer of sporting goods are composed of 100% carbon fiber and are the star product of alchemy. Depending on the model, the products of superior quality are developed with between eleven and fifteen layers of carbon fiber. To ensure the central orientation of each layer during the stacking process, maximum precision is required: this is why alchemy uses the LAP CAD-PRO projection system to ensure that all pieces of fabric are in place. For this task, LAP supplies the CAD-PRO laser projector, lenses for calibration and the LAP PRO-SOFT TP software, which is easy to use. The CAD-PRO projects silhouettes and work surfaces to scale with lasers. Data for the projection is imported directly from the AutoCAD 3D-Tool. Thus, the technician knows precisely, with the help of the laser lines, where to place the layers and can focus precisely.

More accuracy, greater efficiency

What is especially convincing to the company is the precision and digital work program of the laser projection system. Not only is the complexity within the process reduced, but the efficiency of production is also greatly increased. “The laser projection system is exactly what we need to bring our designs to a new level,” says Dimitrios G. Pantazis, owner and director of alchemy, adding: “The installation was simple, The precision and the simplicity of the handling have surpassed our expectations “.

Asia increases demand for carbon fiber in the sports and leisure industry

For many years now, companies from around the world in the aeronautics, wind power and shipbuilding industries using components made from composite materials have successfully used the LAP CAD-PRO laser projection system. The sports and leisure industry is a large and important market for carbon fiber materials and grows globally, especially in Asia. Ralf Müller-Polyzou, Director of marketing and product management at LAP, explains: “In the year 2016, about 8000 tonnes of carbon fiber will be used for sports and leisure products, accounting for 11% of world demand. Market segment, with a growth rate of 3.8%, represents a truly mature market. However, countries such as China or India give rise to additional demand in the market due to The bourgeois middle class. ”

At the same time, the variety of products on the market increases: “Many manufacturers of sports and leisure goods benefit from the extraordinary properties of carbon fiber materials. In the early stages, golf clubs and canes The new products such as helmets, hockey sticks, bows and surfboards have become popular. Carbon fiber fins, such as those made by alchemy, are just another example of how the company Of sport and leisure always works their products with maximum performance, “says Müller-Polyzou. Visit for top equipment.

MAGAP and MSP provide free medical care to artisanal fishermen community

The Ministry of Aquaculture and Fisheries (MAGAP) and the Subsecretariat of Fisheries Resources, in coordination with the Ministry of Health (MSP) and Kirwan GP clinic  organized a free medical campaign aimed at the artisanal fishermen of Jaramijó as part of the Social Intervention Program on 11 and 12 Of September this year.

Yesterday, four doctors from the Provincial Health Department attended more than 200 artisanal fishermen with general and dental care. They also delivered free medicine.

Gladys Cedeño, director of Artisanal Fisheries, said that the program is a continuation of the work carried out last year in the southern and central areas of the province of Manabí.

He clarified that medical care was previously provided to other sectors, but now this service is a benefit to fishermen and their families.

Solanda Bermello, representative of the artisanal fishing sector of Jaramijó, thanked the National Government, which through State Portfolios undertakes specific and priority actions for the benefit of the fishing communities of the country.

“Through these campaigns can detect diseases that suffer the fellow fishers and treat them in time,” he added.

The next social interventions will be carried out in San Alejo, Los Arenales and San Vicente, province of Manabí.

Medical care in fishing community

Maria Luisa Hailstone , Regional Director of the Undersecretariat of Fisheries Resources, said the group was composed of professionals 8 doctors, 2 dentists, one veterinarian, two nurses and one vintner. This group not only provided free medical care to children, elderly and pregnant women, but distributed medicine and vaccinated domestic animals.

Puerto Salinas, Island Escalante is located at a distance of 12 miles inland from the Gulf of Guayaquil .

“I’ve never seen so many doctors in our industry, I am happy for the attention and for their drug have given us , ” said Agapito Solorzano Quimí , inhabitants of the island.

Albina Vallejo , mother of 8 children, welcomed the initiative of the SRP to bring doctors to the community and recognized that their children and grandchildren had never been vaccinated.

In the tour of the housing sector, doctors delivered tablets of ciproflaxino, paracetamol and diclofenac; Complex B, oral serum, vitamin C, among others.

Condoms were also distributed and domestic animals were immunized.

The Regional Director of Fisheries added that the SRP will continue to manage campaigns for public bodies to other fishing communities in need of medical care.

Angling and film, a love-hate?

Rarely fishing appears, especially freshwater, film, and when this happens failures are clamorous and regrettable, coming to be hilarious to see how the heartthrob of the moment cries jubilant that has a trout when it is a black-bass or how the other, ready to fly fishing, with unusual panache carries a tiny rod with spinning reel; But what does it matter? Is that going to take the chance that there is also a film buff fisherman?

Angling and Cinema: The river of life.
This activity we love and we love to us, the cinema has always been a resource, a way to complete a scene with beautiful scenery, a simple filling. With the millions of dollars spent on these mega productions also they could document a little; of course, for what will notice these faults clamorous public in general, producers considered not worth spending a single “penny” – in this case would be British productions, of course. The patriotic films do not wear a “hard” or these minute details, or the film in general … and so leave! –

But, lo, yes we are many fishermen that we like movies, and that any scene of interest to us will come down in realizing these gaffes, which will roll back our minds to our fishing days obviating content film, which, in most cases, be more pleasant to follow any infumable film.

The river of life should be your movie header for all fishermen.

In the world of “cartoon” We can also find examples of fishing scenes, always funny and sometimes even closer to reality, providing many of the same clear cynical and critical touch.

The most obvious example is the unique Homer Simpson in its relentless pursuit of General Sherman , huge fish that has haunted throughout his life parodic , somehow the ” Old Man and the Sea ” by Ernest Hemingway(1899-1961); cult book that all fishermen should read. Or how Homer dynamite fishing in one of the episodes, trying to justify to Bart saying, “If you love fish like I want to die with dignity.” Do not you remember that the attitude of many predators two – legged plaguing our waters? Or criticism of pollution and the gradual poisoning of our waters with the now famous three – eyed fish. Sublime!

So even having more, I will indicate a short list of films in which fishing is an essential part of the plot or story told in it.

Article contents

  • His favorite game (1964)
  • Salmon fishing in Yemen (2011)
  • River King (1995)
  • The River of Life (1992)
  • More interesting articles

His favorite game (1964)

The film is about the misadventures of a seller of fishing ( Rock Hudson ), who is also a renowned writer of success on “good fisherman manual”, but, paradoxically, neither fish nor know has ever done.

Angling and cinema: Your favorite game.

Our protagonist is wrapped up in a maelstrom of entanglements that require you to participate in a fishing contest, for which first need to learn how to fish. Competition rare as it is mentioned as valid catch: catfish , carpand trout ; but learning to catch his first and only catch is a kind of percasol . Already in the contest, completely bizarre and casual, she manages to get two beautiful trout and a good black bass   fishing to spinning with aspoon , making achieve victory.

entertaining comedy. The sequences overfishing, despite the implausible though’ve heard worse as veraces- are well made. I recommend it. Shall pass a good time.

Salmon fishing in Yemen (2011)

Salmon fishing with rat tail. The dream of a visionary Arab tycoon introduce the salmon in a Yemeni desert river for his love of fishing of this fish, for which hires a biologist ( Ewan McGregor ) expert salmonid species.Acceptable concepts about fly fishing. Beautiful fishing scene in which the “Sheikh” got into the river with the typical white kandora Bedouin and throwing the fly with some ease appears. Good images of salmon up the river.Fishing and film: Salmon fishing in Yemen.

recommended, entertaining, without seeking other claims comedy.

River King (1995)

Screenwriter remarkable knowledge about fly fishing with rat tail or, at least, good documentation on the subject. Remarkable when one of the protagonists, the recently deceased Alfredo Landa , before starting the day fishing season catch the insects swarming the river to fish with an imitation thereof; then their sets with cane detract somewhat this supposed excellence and mastery of this technique.

sports and cinema Fishing: The River King

It is also remarkable in King River – or at least knowledge about mounting mention- nymphs, mayflies and emerging. And, of course , great scene with a sumptuous lunch, giant perol included. In the end, the protagonists of the film children get fish the “king of the river” huge salmon that has been pursued for years by all the usual fishing preserve.

A sentence to emphasize: the fisherman asked about his children: “Already they are fishermen? No, ‘he says-beginners. “And how many continue like this!

The River of Life (1992)

The best. Great movie. For those who love fishing in general, and fly fishing in particular, the river of life should be your movie4k header. Fishing scenes made judiciously, wonderful photography, great director (Robert Redford ) and brilliant performance by Brad Pitt . There is no excuse to not see it.

Angling and Cinema: The river of life.

Oozes passion for fishing. There are scenes that border on perfection, comparable to few specific documentaries about our favorite hobby. The latest fishing scene when the protagonist manages to nibble and take the fish that has haunted all his life, in this case a huge rainbow trout, plus the beauty of it, give us moral to that in the dark days not despair, because at any time the fish of our dreams may appear.

How to Repair a metal helmet fishing Boat

The two main types of metal hulls are made of steel and aluminum. A hull metal has many advantages over a boat hull fiberglass. One of the main advantages is that the hull metal is harder to damage the hull fiberglass that the metallic material is thicker than glass fiber material. Damage to a boat hull metal may be the result of large debris under water such as trees and branches. Steel and aluminum hull boat repairs can be made with a type of epoxy cold weld.


Remove the boat from the water and place it between two sawhorses. Place the pot so that the damaged area is facing up.
Tap the area of steel or aluminum hull damaged flat hand with a hammer if necessary. Clean damaged around the hull with clean soapy water and a clean cloth area. Rinse with clean water soapy water.
Sand the damaged and around the damaged area with fine sandpaper grain area. Clean dirt from the sand with a clean cloth.
clean the damaged area with acetone and a clean cloth area again. Acetone finish the cleaning process and make it easier for epoxy cold weld sticking to steel or aluminum. Wipe excess acetone with a clean cloth until the damaged area is completely dry.
Mix the epoxy cold weld exactly as described in the accompanying package. Apply an amount of the epoxy resin to the damaged area seams hull with a scraper of flexible plastic. Once the epoxy has been applied to every sewing, wait the amount of time required for the epoxy to dry. The epoxy, generally dry within 6 to 8 hours and will completely dry within 12 to 14 hours.
Sanding the cured epoxy until all the epoxy areas are smooth. Wipe off excess sand with a clean cloth. Place the boat back in the water and inspect the hull repaired leaks. Add more cold weld epoxy as necessary to repair the damaged metal.

Tips & Warnings

  • Cold weld epoxy can be found in most all auto parts store, hardware stores and boat parts.
  • The epoxy cold weld works for both hulls of aluminum and steel hulls.
  • When cold welding the epoxy dries, it becomes a hardened solder inside seams of metal damaged.
  • Wear safety glasses when hammering the metal.
  • Wear a respirator when acetone is applied.

You may be interested visit Anti spatter spray welding.

3 Tips for cleaning windows

Of household cleaning jobs, cleaning windows is one of the most thankless and hard, but with these three tricks to clean the crystals get a professional result, plus durable, with less time and effort.

Cleaning crystals especially the outside of housing, but also the interior, is a rather complicated and not always pleasant task, however, with these three tricks for cleaning glass you gain in time and efficiency when undertaking this kind of housework.

1. Cleaner based household vinegar and water.

Surely you’ve tried the thousand and one special and specific products sold for cleaning glass, most of them are good solutions, but do not all easy cleaning and will provide a lasting shine with minimal effort. If you fancy trying the benefits of using a homemade and ecological solution, mix in a pot with water and vinegar gun, and a small dose of cleaner dishes, if the crystals have a lot of dirt and / or grease. Sprinkle the crystals with the mixture, spread with a cloth or sponge and dry with a cloth that does not leave residues.

2. Dry with newspaper or similar.

Drying of the crystals is the key to a really perfect result in all kinds of crystals step.Often the problem is that the crystals are not clarified properly, then it too difficult to dry them perfectly with what the result is a murky and almost opaque glass. You will be amazed at the results if drying end of your glass, you replace the cloths or rags, for newsprint or the like, this kind of paper absorbs and polishes the glass in a single pass, your glasses will shine with amazing and durable finish.


3. Less foam is cleaner and more lasting shine.

Make no mistake with the amounts, less is more, especially in the case of crystals.Unless the windows present an embedded dirt and very resistant, for daily and regular cleaning of the house crystals do not need a lot of foam, much soap, nor much of any product. The more crystals Soapmaking more it will cost you clarify, you’ll need to invest much more time and work, and the end result will always be worse. Try to limit the maximum amount of product that you miss on the windows, cleaning will be equally valid, however, will cost much less time and effort to get the best result and the brightest.

With these three tricks to clean the glass , you still have to spend time in this household chore, but will be much less and the result will be better and more lasting, so you can space out the cleaning of the crystals much more over time. The crystals are sensitive and break accidental and everyday quite easily see this type of coverage in the window cleaning Vancouver wa and quietly clean all the crystals in your home.


July Playmate......

The July Playmate was 22.5" long, and lives in the West Branch of the Ausable. Caught on a #8 Ausable Ugly and released by a client who wished to remain anonymous.

August Playmate......
The August Playmate was 23" long, caught on a #8 Ausable Ugly. He still lives in a pool in the Old Dump Run on the West Branch of the Ausable River.

Learn to Fly Fish Package
For all of those who have thought about learning to fly fish now is the time to do it! Ausable River Sport Shop is offering a Learn to Fly Fish program that is hard to pass up.

You will receive: a full day of instruction, including such topics as...familiarization with equipment, terms and techniques, knot tying, proper casting, entomology, fly identification and selection, wading safety and strategy, and more.

Rich enjoys his job as a Guide, and on his days off he goes fishing!In addition, you will also receive a complete fly fishing outfit including rod, reel, line, backing, leader and rod case. Also, breathable waders and wading boots, a dozen flies in a fly box, an Ausable River Sport Shop cap and a book on Fly Fishing Tactics.

All of this for $525.00 for one person, or $900.00 for two.

This offer is good for the entire 2003 season.

Book your date now to learn to fly fish and enjoy the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.
Call (518) 946-1250 to make reservations. Consider packaging this offer with a Guided River Trip to make your experience complete. See what others have to say on our Scrapbook pages!

A big thanks to you for setting me up with John Sweeney for our day and a half on the river. I had the most incredible day. John provided much info about the adirondacks, the rivers, the area, the insects, casting techniques, and of course, the trout. I can not remember a day I enjoyed more. I am looking forward to coming up again in September and spending another day or two on the rivers with John. --- With kind regards,Tom LoProto

We have added an online catalog of some of the fine quality products that we carry in the shop. Many of you have asked us if we have a catalog available, and let me tell you it is a big, big job, but we've finally gotten one started.

Our product offerings will expand as the year goes along.

So, please take a little time to browse through our catalog, look for items that you may need for the upcoming season, or point out some items you might like to receive as a gift, ask us about items you've seen in the shop that haven't made it online yet, ask any questions you may have on the products, we'll be happy to help you in as honest and straight-forward a manner as possible.

Hey! Let us know what you think about the catalog. You can contact us by e-mail or make reservations to attend one of our famous Free Flycasting Clinics and Barbeque!

And, thanks for visiting our website.



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