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Explore Fourpeaks!
Explore Fourpeaks!

Adirondack Backcountry Camps — Romantic getaways and R&R in our accessible wilderness. Four mountains on 700 acres, 20 miles of private hiking/skiing trails. River swimming and fishing on the scenic AuSable River. Pet-friendly. 518-524-6726.

Boots HQ
Boots HQ
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Time to get out on the river!

Time to get out on the river!

Fly Fishing Masters
Northeast Regional

took place here on the West Branch of the Ausable last fall. It was a very exciting competition with 40 two-man teams entering and only one emerging victorious.

OLN winners Ernie Pribanic, left, and Steve Bechard, center, pose with Kevin in front of the shop.
OLN finalists Ernie Pribanic, left, and Steve Bechard, center, pose with Kevin in front of the shop.

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July Playmate......

The July Playmate was 22.5" long, and lives in the West Branch of the Ausable. Caught on a #8 Ausable Ugly and released by a client who wished to remain anonymous.

August Playmate......
The August Playmate was 23" long, caught on a #8 Ausable Ugly. He still lives in a pool in the Old Dump Run on the West Branch of the Ausable River.

Learn to Fly Fish Package
For all of those who have thought about learning to fly fish now is the time to do it! Ausable River Sport Shop is offering a Learn to Fly Fish program that is hard to pass up.

You will receive: a full day of instruction, including such topics as...familiarization with equipment, terms and techniques, knot tying, proper casting, entomology, fly identification and selection, wading safety and strategy, and more.

Rich enjoys his job as a Guide, and on his days off he goes fishing!In addition, you will also receive a complete fly fishing outfit including rod, reel, line, backing, leader and rod case. Also, breathable waders and wading boots, a dozen flies in a fly box, an Ausable River Sport Shop cap and a book on Fly Fishing Tactics.

All of this for $525.00 for one person, or $900.00 for two.

This offer is good for the entire 2003 season.

Book your date now to learn to fly fish and enjoy the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.
Call (518) 946-1250 to make reservations. Consider packaging this offer with a Guided River Trip to make your experience complete. See what others have to say on our Scrapbook pages!

A big thanks to you for setting me up with John Sweeney for our day and a half on the river. I had the most incredible day. John provided much info about the adirondacks, the rivers, the area, the insects, casting techniques, and of course, the trout. I can not remember a day I enjoyed more. I am looking forward to coming up again in September and spending another day or two on the rivers with John. --- With kind regards,Tom LoProto

We have added an online catalog of some of the fine quality products that we carry in the shop. Many of you have asked us if we have a catalog available, and let me tell you it is a big, big job, but we've finally gotten one started.

Our product offerings will expand as the year goes along.

So, please take a little time to browse through our catalog, look for items that you may need for the upcoming season, or point out some items you might like to receive as a gift, ask us about items you've seen in the shop that haven't made it online yet, ask any questions you may have on the products, we'll be happy to help you in as honest and straight-forward a manner as possible.

Hey! Let us know what you think about the catalog. You can contact us by e-mail or make reservations to attend one of our famous Free Flycasting Clinics and Barbeque!

And, thanks for visiting our website.



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